Sunday, 1 February 2015

Je Suis

I don't think I could ever describe myself in one word. I don't think anyone can; human beings are infinite in their complexities.

I can describe myself in a phrase though.

Pleasantly passive-aggressive.

My resting bitch-face creates the outward projection that I'm moody, but I'm the first to smile if I make eye contact with anyone.

I spend my life in public visualising the agonising death/maiming of anyone who jumps the queue at the bus stop, stands on the left side of the escalators or wears double denim.

However if any of these individuals were to engage me, I would smile pleasantly and speak to them with the hyper politeness of an employee of the month.

The phrase itself is an oxymoron and I often feel like one myself.

Mind, conscience and body in constant conflict to behave, show that my mother raised me correctly and not take a machete to the tourists on Oxford Street.

I am a bohemian punk, divided between wanting to marvel in the beauty of the world and wanting to watch it burn.